Everything You Need to Know Front-End Developers/Designers

The Life of a front-end developer Infographic! Front-end developers or client side developers are mainly responsible of taking the visual design from creative/web designers and transforming it to a functional interactive website. This process requires front-end developers to have a keen eye on the aesthetics of a website, an advanced technical and development knowledge in HTML/CSS/JS etc., and a great level of communication skills. Check out this awesome infographic from SkilledUp, demonstrating the daily tasks of front-end developers.      Courtesy of: SkilledUp...
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SEO Evolution Presentation

It is important to understand the evolution of Search Engines, their algorithms and news in order to stay in business and adapt to changes. SEO has become much more complicated and smart than ever because search engines are constantly trying to improve the user and search experiences. Social media is also playing a major role in this evolution because the algorithms are relying more and more on social engagements like comments and shares, and social presence in general.  This awesome presentation by Rand Fishkin shares a look on how SEO has been evolving over the...
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On Page SEO Checklist is a bundle of 50+ Free SEO tools put together to help website owners and SEO specialists optimize, improve and keep track of their online presence in a matter of seconds. Our robust collection of Search Engine Optimization tools are built using the latest technologies and trends to provide you with the easiet ways to increase your site conversions and making your website more visible to potential customers.  We offer a large variety Free SEO web tools and services including but not limited to: Meta Tag Generator Meta Tags Analyzer...
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